Black-Hearted Bitch

I went through a phase when I was reading tons of pulp fiction. Loved it. Black-Hearted Bitch is my homage to this fantastic art form.

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

Kell Digby has been killing spouses and business partners for so long she’s become bored. Sent from Chicago to Atlanta for a routine hit, the assignment goes bad when she falls in love. Forced into retirement, she’s content to nurse her wounds until she’s lured back to life with an irresistible scam involving a sister she never knew she had.

BLACK-HEARTED BITCH is the first title in the Kell Digby Crime Novel series. The second novel will be released in early 2014.

By the way, I specifically chose Stone Mountain Park for the hit. I’ve lived in Stone Mountain for more than a decade and have often thought the park would make a great setting for my crime fiction. Anyone familiar with Stone Mountain will recognize certain areas. Later in the novel, Kell moves to the Smokerise neighborhood.

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