Beast Burger Review — Best Vegetarian Burger Ever?

I’ve been eating vegetarian burgers since the 1970s. I’ve eaten some scary stuff, buddy. Burger in a can, anybody? No thanks! Up to now, my least favorite was the Season’s Choice Veggie Burger I got from Aldi’s (I know there are people who vehemently disagree), and my favorite was Boca’s All American Flame Grilled Protein Burger.

Of course, I was curious when I first learned of Beyond Meat’s Beast Burger. My first instinct was that it would taste too much like meat and/or the texture would gross me out. In other words, I doubted it’d be something I’d enjoy. However, when I saw that the burgers were finally available in grocery stores, my curiosity got the best of me, and I bought a frozen package of two at Kroger for $5.49 (if you can’t find them, look in the natural foods freezer case).

The Beast Burger is the best vegetarian burger I’ve eaten. Ingredients include pea protein, spinach, broccoli, carrot, tomato, beet, shitake mushroom, beet juice powder, onion powder, pomegranate seed powder, paprika, garlic, mesquite powder, hickory smoke concentrate, and more. But none of those flavors are prominent. It tastes so much like a burger that if we hadn’t cooked it ourselves, we’d wonder if it wasn’t really meat. After grilling, the exterior is crispy and the interior isn’t mushy but perhaps a bit chewy like, well, ground meat…but not in a gross way.

We paid $5.49 at Kroger for two frozen burgers  We split a 1/4 quarter pound burger (they’re fucking expensive!) and grilled it in our George Foreman. We ate it on grilled rye bread (Kroger’s Olde Chicago Rye) with smoked Provolone cheese, Kraft mayonnaise, Burman’s Spicy brown mustard, and spinach. Half a burger was plenty for each of us–it’s delicious, filling, and satisfying.

If you eat the entire burger, it only has 260 calories (16 grams of fat). It packs a lot of protein in one burger–23 grams. It’s also vegan.

Vegetarians may not like it because it’s too close to ground beef, but  it’s worth your time because you may find it the best burger you’ve eaten.


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