Aldi’s Stone Baked Garlic Cheese Flatbread Review


We’ve been shopping at Aldi’s frequently, mostly for the low-priced, good quality produce, but also for the incredible deals on other grocery items. Recently we came upon the Stone Baked Garlic Cheese Flatbread priced well below $2 a package and picked up several.

Years ago I got in the habit of ordering carry-out pizzas without sauce because my girlfriend at the time hated tomato sauce. Believe it or not, a later girlfriend (now my wife) also didn’t care for tomato sauce, so she was thrilled when she found out you could actually order pizzas without sauce (or, at least, light sauce). The point of this TMI is that the Aldi’s flatbread tastes like a great carry-out pizza without sauce.

The product is easy to prepare. Simply preheat the oven to 400 degrees and then bake for 10-12 minutes. Be aware that the instructions suggest you place the flatbread directly on the middle rack with a tray on the shelf below to catch any butter that may drop (the italics are mine). Yep, there’s butter in this thing. And there’s so much of it that it will drip in your oven. Back to that in a minute, but we use a pizza stone and avoid the mess.

Butter…yepper…butter. I was surprised that the ingredients were limited: wheat flour, water, yeast, dextrose, canola oil, salt, sugar, mozzarella, butter, garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, parsley. That’s it. I’m trying to eat cleaner, and it made me happy not to see a bunch of chemicals and preservatives.

Back to the butter…You can definitely taste the butter as well as the mozzarella, garlic, oregano, and parsley, and it is delicious. We often eat one (they say there’s four servings, but come on) as a late night snack/meal, and it’s a real treat when we have it.

Like I said, we got the flatbread for around $1.67 or so, and it seemed to be a closeout. I hope it returns soon and continues to be reasonably priced.

If you love pizza without sauce, you’ll love this.

Five out of five stars.

UPDATE (February 1, 2017): The flatbread is back in our Aldi’s store. We paid $1.39 for a package, and the freezer case was well-stocked.


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4 Responses to Aldi’s Stone Baked Garlic Cheese Flatbread Review

  1. Michelle Markham says:

    I feel you! Went by jes yestaday for this product & not in season apparently! I will purchase at 20 next time!!!!! I even emailed Aldi’s & nothing!

    • Lynn Kear says:

      I’m in the metro Atlanta area, and, fortunately for us, the freezer case is currently full of this great product. We bought some this week, and the cashier told us that she, too, loved them. Great product and great price. It’d be nice if Aldi’s started carrying them all year in all the stores.

  2. Karen says:

    I’m looking for the frozen stone baked garlic cheese flatbread in the Chicago area IL.ksmith

  3. Robyn Hitchcock says:

    I want yesterday to pizza same pizza didn’t have any I was heated best PIZZA I ever tasted in my life I drove to two more stores out of stock who would have thought that many people don’t like sauce
    on their PIZZA I am from DMV I need my PIZZA

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