VR Cosmic Roller Coaster Review — Relaxing, Trippy But Not Much of a Roller Coaster Experience

Cosmic Roller Coaster

“A new different type of roller coaster that will take you along a wonderful cosmos.”

I admit I like trippy, druggy VR experiences. That’s my thing. It relaxes me and makes my brain happy.

Cosmic Roller Coaster is a colorful celestial trip that provides a nice visual buzz as you wander through space. My biggest complaint is that I was expecting a roller coaster and got more of a walk in space. Or maybe a cruise. The virtual reality app provides a floating feeling, not so much a breakneck roller coaster ride.

Even though I got bored, it meets the trippy, druggy criteria. The music, standard New Age stuff, is okay, but you might want to provide your own soundtrack.

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