Evolution of Verse Review — A Powerful VR Experience

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Chris Milk might be virtual reality’s first auteur. In fact, the quality of Evolution of Verse is close to the best film directors, and Milk is an interesting, nuanced storyteller who seems to be developing a grammar of VR.

Evolution of Verse includes a thrilling homage to the Lumiere brothers (and other directors), swarming birds, colorful streamers, and a moving sci-fi ending. However, the uplifting, inspiring experience most succeeds in its ability to make the viewer feel. Not in a manipulative Hollywood way but in a uniquely VR way that accentuates our humanity. I’ve watched this at least a dozen times, and each time I feel connected and overwhelmed. In a good way.

If you want to show someone the potential of VR, this is the one. Milk’s work is inspiring, not only to viewers but to those in this new industry. I suspect that some day Milk’s work will be as influential to future VRmakers as Auguste and Louis Lumiere were to filmmakers. Definitely check out Evolution of Verse and keep an eye on Chris Milk.

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