Gravity Train Virtual Reality App Review — Cool and Trippy VR Experience

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“Welcome to the future where distances do not matter anymore!

Gravity trains traveling at implausible speed take you anywhere in the world within minutes… Go for an enthralling flight from Moscow to New York via the global underground that [sic] piercing the entire planet through!”

Gravity Train (Fibrum) reminds me of the old Mind’s Eye videos. It’s a cool visual experience that weirdly combines train travel, robots, roller coaster loops, underwater monster fish-like creatures, and more.

I wish they’d had a lot less footage of the craft interior and more trippy, psychedelic images that teased and pleased my brain. Still, Gravity Train is a drug-like experience that strangely thrills and calms. The eerie death-like tunnel visions were some of my favorite VR experiences to date.

The soundtrack isn’t great (except for the old school jazz at the beginning and end), so you might want to switch to your favorite songs as your soundtrack on later viewings.

By the way, I’m now using a VR box viewer that a vendor asked me to review in exchange for a product sample. These things are sooooo much better than the original cardboard viewers and relatively inexpensive.

In just a short time, virtual reality content and hardware are getting better and better. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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