Rocksmith, Accessories, Etc.

gibson SGYes, it’s well past the time for me to update my guitar adventures. My wrist has finally healed after a visit with my wonderful physician, Dr. Wodecki. He put me on an anti-inflammatory (Sulindac), and after two weeks or so, I was able to play guitar pain-free. The wrist is still a little stiff, but I’m back to playing guitar one to two hours a day. And loving it.

For my 58th birthday, Kimber got me a real guitar–a Gibson SG (see above). We got it through Musician’s Friend Stupid Deal of the Day (subscribe at, and I have no regrets. It’s wonderful, especially for someone like me who has small hands. Does it make me a better player? Yes. There really is a difference between a cheaper guitar and a thousand dollar one (mine was significantly discounted). They’re easier to play and sound better. I’ve come a long way from the first guitar, the Squier.

Someone asked about accessories. I gave away the amp when I passed the Squier on to my nephew, and replaced it with a Sawtooth ST-AMP-10 ( It serves my purposes, but most people probably consider it a starter amp. I also recently purchased a pedal through another Stupid Deal but have not yet had a chance to play with it.

Most of my time is spent playing Rocksmith ( on the PC. I love this game and have both versions. I should spend all my time on the lessons because they’re quite good, and I’m sure I’d be much better by now. But it is way too much fun to play the songs. I especially like playing the blues stuff (B.B. King, Howling Wolf, Bobby “Blue” Bland, etc.) and old rock (Chicago, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, etc.).

One problem with Rocksmith is that it makes me feel like I’m a better player than I am. The illusion is nice, but right now I’m much more comfortable playing with Rocksmith than soloing with the guitar and amp.

Do I want to be in a band? If I continue to play, I’m sure I will eventually want to jam with other musicians. I’m not brave enough for that yet–gosh, I still wear headphones when I play, so Kimber and the dogs won’t hear me. But it seems a natural thing one day, mainly because I’m sure I can learn so much from others.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to be better about updates in the future.

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