DiGiorno Bianca/White Pizza Review


I love pizza and usually eat it at least once a week. When I lived in St. Charles, Illinois I loved Jim’s Pizza (which later became Norm’s or vice versa). Since living in Atlanta, my favorites have included Camille’s (which I believe is now gone), Ats-A-Pizza (here one day, boarded up the next), and Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe, which, fortunately, is still thriving.

These were all freshly made pizzas. Frozen pizzas have been a different story for me. There are few that I have liked because I’ve found most to be flavorless or worse.

DiGiorno’s Pizzeria! Bianca/White Pizza is, however, quite good. For one thing, the crust is crispy and doughy and quite excellent. The toppings include mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, spinach, garlic, and a creme fraiche sauce. DiGiorno is not skimpy here. I love spinach (cooked and raw), and I can taste spinach in every bite. The creme fraiche sauce is also liberally spread across the pizza. We love cheese in this house, so we add an additional layer of colby jack (and sometimes sauteed mushrooms), so it turns out to be quite a delicious pizza.

We cook it in the toaster oven. The directions call for 375 degrees for 22-24 minutes, but we usually cook it a bit longer and then broil it for about a minute more.

This is definitely one of the most flavorful frozen pizzas you can buy. It took me awhile before I was willing to look at the calorie count because I feared the worst. Fortunately, each piece (there are four servings) is only 320 calories. If you plan to eat it as dinner, you’ll probably eat two pieces. Even then, if this is your main meal, you haven’t done too much damage.

Publix occasionally makes their DiGiorno pizzas a BOGO, and we usually have a coupon, so we can get the price down to $3 or $4 a pizza. Not bad.

Five out of five stars


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