Jennifer’s Garden Spring Rolls Review

We visit Dollar Tree at least once a month. I rarely look in the refrigerated/freezer case, but a few trips back I did and found Jennifer’s Garden Spring Rolls. We tried one package and then went back and purchased five more. It appears to be a regularly stocked item, so you’re in luck if you get addicted to these.

It’s difficult to beat the price. You get ten small spring rolls for one dollar. Yep, one freaking dollar. Every so often we make a variety of frozen vegetarian snacks for dinner (spring rolls, samosas, cheese sticks, pot stickers, etc.). These spring rolls fit right in with this combo. We usually make half the package, so you kind of get two meals for fifty cents.

I suggest you cook them much longer than the instructions call for (12-15 minutes at 400) because you want the crust to be a deep golden. I have not pan-fried or microwaved them (have my doubts about microwaving).

They have an addictive junk food vibe. You will want the outer crust to be crunchy because, frankly, there’s not much to the interior. And what there is is mushy. The vegetables are more like a paste than whole pieces. I prefer eating the rolls without any sauce, but my wife uses a variety of dipping sauces.

I like them a lot. They’re rich, crunchy, and street-foodish, but only 55 calories. The ingredients are simple: cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, vermicelli, salt, spice, vegetable oil (palm, peanut, sesame, soy), potato starch, wheat flour, water. The product is manufactured in China and distributed by Food Team International in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Four out of five stars.

I cannot find a website for the manufacturer. I find that a bit concerning, but I did find a page from the package designer:

While I commend the designer, the package, alas, looks nothing like the actual product.

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8 Responses to Jennifer’s Garden Spring Rolls Review

  1. Megan says:

    Here is the Trademark and Holding Company info:

  2. kathy says:

    I recently purchased some frozen mango chuncks for smoothies only to find hairs in the chunks. The hairs were short and hard. Cant seem to find a website. Not purchasing any more jennifers garden products

  3. Anne says:

    The spring rolls are good, in fact I just had two today for lunch with soup. They taste like they came from a Chinese take out . Here’s the website for the parent company. One thing, they are a product of China, so sometimes that makes me leery hehe, but they are good.

  4. Donna Flaherty says:

    I Love the spring rolls but after watching Dr. Oz and seeing some of things coming from China I am a bit afraid I tried the e-mail for jennifer”s garden on the package and just got a a Go daddy site.

  5. ric Hughes says:

    I found these too and they are delicious, especially fried crispy in bacon grease. The cabbage used to make them must be outer leaves of the plant. I can taste the strong flavor of mature brassica. I love it and it is good for health but I too wonder if it is safe to eat things from China. I can’t resist these and potstickers too. You can find these things made in CA. but they are not as cheap.

  6. Elizabeth Olson says:

    I just found a 5 inch long hair in my Jennifer’s Garden spring roll package from Dollar Tree it was under the spring rolls and is not mine. It is not the same color nor length. I did love them however most definitely will not be buying anymore.

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