Coursera Update

There’s no way not to sound pompous. I’ve signed up for Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition. Considering I barely survived Fundamentals Of Music Theory, this ought to be interesting. I’ve also registered for Songwriting which will start in February. My two most recent Coursera classes, Developing Your Musicianship and Introduction to Guitar, have ended, and I am eager to tackle more classes.

If you have any interest in music, I encourage you to take Developing Your Musicianship with George W. Russell, Jr. He was an absolute delight, and if you’ve never had a teacher you liked, try this guy. The musicianship class helped me understand the music theory course so much better, I wonder if it shouldn’t be a prerequisite. I finally understand intervals and can even play a pretty good chord progression on the keyboard.

I got a lot out of the guitar course, though the instructor’s style (Thaddeus Hogarth) was different from Mr. Russell’s. He had a more laid back personality which I liked, but some students, believe it or not, trashed him on the forums because he didn’t answer every stupid question they asked. Seriously. It’s a freaking free class, folks. Get a grip.

One of the best things about these classes is that I can take them without worrying about my GPA or embarrassing myself. It is so freeing to study a topic that is difficult and maybe even beyond me. I want to learn new things, and with online colleges like Coursera, I can explore classes I’m interested in without being hindered by my incessant fear of failure.

By the way, I’m also thinking about building my own PC in 2015 (does this mean yet another tab on my website?). For years, I’ve been intimidated, but after working on my four-year-old i7 PC this last month or so, I’m thinking that if I read up on it, I might be able to pull it off. I can save money, get the PC I want, and learn something new. Any suggestions are welcome.

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