“Another Well Written, Great Story in the Kell Digby Series”

Terry Baker has written a review of my newest book, Killing Rosa.

Here are some highlights from the review:

“It’s full of ups and downs and twists and turns throughout, ensuring a gripping, thrilling, exciting and steaming hot read….

Kell is a wacky, multidimensional character, who under normal circumstances should not be liked and her actions abhorred. But, I really like her….Kell is backed up by a great cast of secondary characters, some good, some bad, but all essential to the progression of the well laid out plot…. The plot is written with a tongue in cheek sense of humor….It certainly amused me and I enjoyed the story. It’s light hearted and a black crime thriller/comedy with a raunchy bit of action thrown in for good measure.

I’m hoping there will be more adventures with Kell soon.”

The complete review can be read here:


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