Lightlife Smart Deli Baked Ham Style Veggie Protein Slices Review

There’s not much difference between the different Lightlife Smart Deli Veggie Protein Slices. In addition to baked ham, they offer bologna, pepperoni, and turkey. All are vegetarian, and all taste similar, though the color is different.

Although the bologna product tastes the most like meat-based bologna, the baked ham is also tasty and works great on sandwiches. As with the bologna, I use good bread, mayo, cheese, and spinach to make flavorful, nutritious sandwiches. The package says there are three servings per container (serving size is four slices), but I find I can stretch it out and save money by using two slices per sandwich.

If you miss the taste of lunch meat, the Lightlife Smart Deli offerings are a good option.

Five out of five stars.

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