MorningStar Farms Hickory BBQ Riblets

I have eaten many vegetarian barbecued foods, but this one is by far the best. MorningStar usually does a pretty good job of making their frozen vegetarian products tasty, and this one succeeds mainly because of the sauce. Seriously, MorningStar should consider bottling the barbecue sauce it uses for this product.

There are two servings per package, and each riblet has 210 calories. I have made sandwiches with the riblets as well as used it as a main course with sides like macaroni and cheese, corn, sweet or mashed potatoes, etc. One riblet is very filling.

I have only microwaved these (you can also cook them in the oven), but the cooking time, in my opinion, is incorrect. Although it says to microwave it for almost four minutes (after cutting two slits in the plastic), I’ve been successful with cooking it for two minutes and forty seconds. Also, when I cut the slits, I cut almost all the way across on both ends, so when the cooking is completed I can just slide the riblet out of the package. It reduces the mess, and, believe me, these things can get sticky and messy.

Five out of five stars.



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