Tasty Bite Malaysian Lodeh

I am a fan of Tasty Bite’s products. Their Indian products are usually low in calories, tasty, easy to prepare, and vegetarian.

To prepare this one, I simply opened the foil package about two inches and microwaved for 90 seconds. There were two things I noticed right away when I poured the product into a bowl after heating. For one thing, the Malaysian Lodeh was very soupy. It did not look like the package at all. Another thing, there was little tofu in the package–and what was there was an unfortunate gray color.

Fortunately, despite being soupy, this product has lots of flavor. The coconut milk, lime, and other seasonings combine to produce a complex, spicy taste.

There are two servings in each package, and the entire package has only 240 calories.


Four stars out of five.

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