Tasty Bite Tofu Corn Masala

I found this product in a small natural foods grocery store in the Atlanta area. I was familiar with Tasty Bite, and this variety looked intriguing.

It was quick and easy to prepare–open the top of the pouch and microwave for 90 seconds. There are two servings in this low-calorie meal. You can serve it with rice or eat it by itself for a small meal.

This time I spread jalapeno cheese dip onto a small burrito wrap and put a small amount of the masala in each burrito. I then wrapped up the burritos and microwaved the them (covered with a wet paper towel) for one minute.

It was so good I had this dish for lunch and dinner. The masala looks like the picture on the package. The corn, tofu, and potatoes are clearly visible. The taste is complicated and rich.

I’ll definitely buy this product again.

Five out of five stars.



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