Sophie’s Kitchen Vegan Crab Cake

I’ve never eaten crab cakes, but these looked appetizing. Like the Breaded Shrimp, this product is made with konjac powder. According to the box, “Our products are made with konjac root (also known as konjaku and elephant yam), pronounced ‘kon-jack.’ This ancient superfood is a staple across Southeast Asia and very popular in traditional Japanese cuisine. It is low in calories and high in fiber. We combine konjac with nutrient-rich sea plants (seawood) to create our line of vegan seafood products…”

I pan-fried these. Though they were tasty, I might go with the oven method next time because they were a bit mushy. Not including the cooking oil, each crab cake has only 120 calories. I put them on Publix potato rolls and garnished them with Kraft mayonnaise and horseradish. After heating the oil, it took less than ten minutes to fry the crab cakes.

They definitely taste fishy and are very rich and filling. I like the convenience of these but am curious as to whether I could come up with my own recipe. Anyone have any luck with vegetarian crab cakes?

Four out of five stars.

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