Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie

This is a great comfort food. I tried it on a rainy, cool fall day and was quite pleased with it.

I followed the direction for cooking it in the oven and found the suggested 40 minutes at 400 degrees was more than enough time. The instruction also suggested to wait 5 minutes before eating. Even after waiting, the pie was steaming hot.

It looks very much like the box cover, and the vegetables and tofu are recognizable. The crust was particularly delicious. The meal was filling and only 420 calories.

According to the box’s description: “It will remind you of the pot pies you grew up with. Fresh organic vegetables and tofu are simmered in a creamy sauce, flavored with herbs and spices, then baked in a tender flaky crust made from 100% organic whole wheat flour.”

Now that I’ve tried this one, I hope Amy’s will come out with more variety such as ‘beef’ and ‘tuna.’

Five out of five stars.

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