Amy’s Mexican Tofu Scramble

This product was formerly known as Tofu Rancheros. It has microwave instructions, but I chose to use the toaster oven (45-50 minutes at 400 degrees) thinking the potatoes would brown. They didn’t.

The biggest problem with this product is that it doesn’t look anything like the box cover. In fact, it looks like a mess, not appetizing at all. Fortunately, it tasted good, though the serving seemed quite small (400 calories.)

According to the box cover, “Amy’s Mexican Tofu Scramble will satisfy the heartiest of eaters. Organic tofu scrambled with vegetables and topped with a mildly spiced ranchero sauce and grated Monterey Jack cheese covers an organic corn tortilla along with sides of black beans and roasted potatoes.”

I’m not sure about the vegetables, though I did see a couple kernels of corn. Supposedly it also has green peppers, but I never saw them.

If I found this in my freezer I might be tempted to eat it again, but I won’t intentionally seek it out in the grocery store. This is not one of Amy’s most successful products.

Four out of five stars

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