Lori L. Lake Review of Tighter, Tighter

Noted author and reviewer Lori L. Lake has posted a review of Tighter, Tighter on Amazon.

“[T]he story is woven carefully between 1975 and the present, filling in information about the major characters and slowly but surely bringing the reader to the unexpected conclusion. I went into this novel thinking it was a mystery, and though it has mystery elements, it’s really much different than that. It’s got a love story, a coming of age story, a story of middle age angst, and, of course, the mystery surrounding Billy Carlson’s death.

Perhaps the most interesting angle for me was about the road not taken and how people with high hopes sometimes reach their goals…and sometimes they fail miserably with disastrous consequences. When it comes to choices, everyone in this novel is constrained by the past. But there are always new options for them to confront, and the choices the characters in this book make don’t follow any fiction formula, which makes for a very interesting novel.”

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