Stouffer’s Farmers Harvest Vegetable Lasagna

I’m a fan of Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese. I also like their spinach souffle (especially for crepes), so I thought I’d try this new lasagna with whole grain pasta.

The product has 400 calories. According to the box, the product is “freshly made whole grain lasagna layered with a colorful medley of carrots, spinach, broccoli and onions with a Parmesan and Romano cheese sauce.” It also claims to have no preservatives and to be made with sea salt.

There are two methods to cook this frozen dinner. It can go in the oven (NO toaster ovens) for 48 minutes or you can cook it in the microwave for 9-12 minutes.

When it comes out of the oven it does not look like the box (I have to agree with you on this one, Jesse Pinkman). The crumb topping was not evenly spread, and the lasagna itself was a bit soupy.

The flavor was very heavy on the Parmesan flavor. You can clearly see the carrots and spinach, but I had a hard time finding the broccoli and onions. It tastes…okay, but it’s nothing special. I doubt I’ll buy it again.

Three out of five stars.

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