Flame Grilled Boca Burger

The last time I ate a burger made from meat was in the 1970s. Back then, my favorite was Burger King. There was only a McDonald’s in the town where I lived, so the only time I’d get Burger King was when the family took a vacation. It was a real treat.

The vegetarian burger that comes closest to the Burger King burger I ate years ago is Boca’s Flame Grilled Burgers. I buy these on a regular basis. Publix sometimes offers them as a BOGO, and Aldi’s sells them for a reasonable price.

There are four burgers in each box. Each burger has 120 calories. The manufacturer suggests that the burger be prepared in a skillet with cooking spray. This works well, though the burgers will usually stick to the pan. If you’re like me and didn’t get the patience gene, then you’ll find that microwaving works fine too.

I usually put mine on a Publix potato roll with American cheese or smoked Gouda (Costco or Trader Joe’s). Since I want the whole burger experience my sandwich often has lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and ketchup.

I’ve tried lots of vegetarian burgers, and this continues to be my favorite. Boca makes other vegetarian products, but I haven’t always been a fan. In fact, they have other burgers, but they don’t come near this one in terms of taste.

Five out of five stars. http://www.bocaburger.com/

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