Lightlife Frozen Entrees

I have tasted some very good frozen vegetarian entrees. Unfortunately, the two Lightife selections I recently tried were not among them. I like the Lightlife lunchmeat so I was eager to give these a shot especially when Publix offered them as a buy one get one (BOGO) special.

I have to admit that I don’t eat a lot of frozen food because it’s expensive, I worry about all the preservatives, and entrees are often tasteless and watery. Still, I thought these had a good shot at being better than the usual frozen dinner.

The Amaz’n Asian Sesame Chik’n (I’m hating the cutesy names) was the better of the two. The package is designed for one person and has 260 calories. It was a decent size and would have been fine as a small meal. The manufacturer described it this way: “Sweeten up your dinner with this modern classic, which combines Asian-style noodles with slices of hearty veggie chik’n, water chestnuts and an assortment of vegetables in a delectable sweet sesame sauce.” The flavor was okay, but I’ve had vegetarian Sesame Chicken at Cafe Sunflower on Peachtree Road in Atlanta. That dish is outstanding. The frozen entree was mediocre.

Even worse was the Bella Portabella Tuscan Chik’n. Again, one package feeds one, and this one has 220 calories. “Experience the unique flavor of the Mediterranean with this timeless dish, which combines whole grain barley and veggie chik’n pieces with portabella mushrooms, spinach and asparagus in a savory Tuscan-style sauce.” The spinach looked like basil and had no discernible taste. There were few mushrooms, and I didn’t taste anything that resembled asparagus.

I found both frozen entrees to be watery (this turns me off frozen entrees more than anything else), mushy, and taste-deprived.

Even with a BOGO special I wouldn’t buy these again.

2 out of 5 stars.

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