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“Tighter, Tighter is a thoroughly engaging story that blends a thoughtful and well-written narrative about a woman drawn back to a past where she has a chance to resurrect an old love with a cold case, a thirty year old unsolved murder mystery. It is to the author’s credit that she so successfully weaves the two together. Each storyline dances around the other, revealing new layers at every turn. The point of view alternates between the present and the past and the writer does an impressive job evoking the consciousness of the seventies.

This is a much different novel from Ms. Kear’s first, Murder in a Buckhead Garden, which I enjoyed very much. Tighter, Tighter is much more complex and the murder mystery is both a clever and interesting way to elucidate a cast of engrossing and intriguing characters. You won’t be able to put it down or get it out of your head anytime soon.”

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