Review for Tighter, Tighter

Terry Baker has written the first review for Tighter, Tighter.

“This is a very well written book mainly centering on the life of Kath Branch and her friends both past and present. The books hops backwards and forwards from 1975 to the present day. It’s great to see the contrast between the years….

I found the book to be interesting and exciting. The characters all interacted with each other well. There was a lot crammed into the book. Not only about Kath, but her friends as well. Although Kath is a lesbian and this is basically her story, this book could well go into mainstream publishing as it isn’t all about lesbians, there is a good murder mystery at it’s heart. I liked the way the actual story was told, going to and from past to present.

It’s a story of a long lost love, an unsolved murder and what happens when people meet after thirty five years.  How times and feelings have changed, or not as the case may be. It’s also the story of the consequences of misguided actions and what the outcome of these actions will be. I got the impression that sometimes things are far better left alone than dredged up. But in order to have an excellent book like this one, you need someone to meddle. The ending was a total surprise too. Not at all how I thought it was going to end.”

The full review can be found on the Reviews tab for Tighter, Tighter.

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